MetaTrader 5 Overview

Two years ago we started the development of MetaTrader 5 platform. Now this work is approaching completion and by autumn we are planning to release the new platform.

The new MetaTrader 5 platform possesses a powerful trading system. It allows processing traders' operations in different financial markets, including stock exchange. You can offer to your traders both forex symbols and trading options, futures and stocks. Moreover, all this can be available to your traders in one terminal and on one trading account.


The new platform supports 5 types of orders. Combining them traders can create practically any trading system and flexibly manage it. Four types of trade operation execution are available in MetaTrader 5: Market, Instant, Request and Exchange. Their presence allows to configure the list of available financial symbols in the best way.

All trade operations in MetaTrader 5 are processed and stored on special trade servers (MetaTrader 5 Trade Server). Client bases are also kept there. These servers are characterized by high performance allowing to simultaneously serve thousands of traders who execute tens of thousands of trade operations. Besides, the number of trade servers is not limited, which enables one to scale the platform and increase its total performance.


MetaTrader 5 Access Servers, via which all connections are established, perform checks of clients' connections, gathering of the authorization data and routing those connections. Besides, they can cash the larger part of data transferred to a client. Thus Access Servers practically fully unload other system components in terms of clients' activities. This allows to scale MetaTrader 5 even more.

At the same time Access Servers can serve as the perfect means for protecting the system from external attacks. Among others, these servers perform the functions of a proxy-server and firewall. This enables them to efficiently withstand DoS attacks. If all trade servers are hidden behind Access Servers, the possibility occurs to protect them from DDoS and other distributed attacks.

Generally, maximum attention is paid to security issues in MetaTrader 5. In addition to the standard authorization of all connections, the support of SSL authentication was introduced into the platform. This enables to definitely identify the connection and avoid different security problems.

The flexible system of access rights delimitation allows to selectively allocate only necessary information and functions to every manager. Besides, you will be able to restrict access according to Access Servers and IP addresses. A correctly adjusted system of permissions will help to protect the platform from dishonest actions of your own employees.

Data interchange between the platform components is secure, because all network traffic is uninterruptedly encrypted. All the trading information in all client and manager terminals is also encrypted. Moreover, in client terminals it is bound to computers; so, even in case this information is stolen, frauds will not be able to use it.


Questions of software reliability and its trouble-free operation are especially important in financial sphere. With the purpose of increasing the platform reliability, we have developed special MetaTrader 5 Backup Servers. Their only function is making backup copies of data that can be lost because of technical problems. In such cases Backup Servers can replace the damaged information making the platform function in the standard mode.

Apart from such "remedial measures", preventive ones are provided in the platform. A large part of problems with hardware and software occurs gradually and has certain backgrounds. This is what the built-in self-diagnosis system can warn you of. In case of detecting any problems with the operating system, processor, hard disk or other components, the system will automatically alert an administrator about it. This will enable you to take anticipatory measures and prevent the failure of any of MetaTrader 5 components.

Understanding that every company is unique and works with absolutely different software, we have developed MetaTrader 5 API. MetaTrader 5 API are open program interfaces that allow to adapt and extend the platform according to one's own unique requirements, as well as integrate it with other applications. MetaTrader 5 includes server, manager and client API. This is more than enough not only for integration and functionality extension, but also for easy hedging and even for the development of one's own terminal.

For Traders

The online trading terminal 5 allows both to analyze dynamics of financial security quotes and execute trade operations on them. Besides, the terminal allows to develop and use automated trading programs (Expert Advisors).

5 order types and 4 execution modes are available for trading. All this allows implementing practically any trading strategy when working in financial markets. Built-in reports on trading activities will help you to estimate a trading strategy, as well as to detect its strong and weak points.


Built-in indicators and graphical objects are used for quick analysis of quotes and trade decision making. Totally, the terminal offers 3 types of charts, 21 timeframe and more than 70 analytical tools. With such an arsenal one can easily detect trends, various figures, entry-exit points and so on.

MQL5 IDE is a built-in development environment for writing and using Expert Advisors. It helps traders to automate their trading strategies or write their own technical indicators. The MQL5 IDE environment includes: the MQL5 language for programming trading strategies, MetaEditor 5, MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester.

The programming language MQL5 is characterized by high performance speed and allows to create Expert Advisors with large numbers of calculations. This gives the possibility to conduct more complicated calculations and to get more accurate forecasts. MetaEditor 5 is designed for programming and debugging of Expert Advisors. MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester is responsible for preliminary testing and optimization of Export Advisors on history data.

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